Armine Gevorkyan Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmic surgeon


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    Medical speciality Ophthalmology
    Degree Doctor of the highest category
    Experience 16 years
    Clinic JSC «Medicine» (clinic of academician Roytberg)

    • Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, Faculty of General Medicine, diploma with honors from 1995 to 2001.
    • Residency in clinical ophthalmology and eye microsurgery on the basis of the Yerevan State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, from 2001 to 2004.
    work experience
    • 2004 – 2011 doctor-ophthalmologist CJSC: Abovyan Medical Center
    • 2011 – 2013 ophthalmic surgeon GBUZ NO Clinical Hospital No. 39 and GBUZ NO Clinical Hospital No. 35, Department of Emergency Ophthalmological Care and Eye Trauma, Nizhny Novgorod
    • From 2013 to the present, doctor – ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon of JSC Medicine.
    Additional training / internship / professional development
    • Certificate in Ophthalmology
    • Certificate in Eye Microsurgery
    • Internship under the USAID vision protection program in the USA, 2005
    • Internship on the topic: postoperative rehabilitation of ophthalmic patients, in Finland at the Santen base, 2008.
    Advanced training “Phacoemulsification” on the basis of FMBA, Moscow 2014
    • Advanced training “Difficult cases of Phacoemulsification” on the basis of FMBA Moscow, 2014
    • Internship under the Phacoemulsification program at the Nuremberg University Hospital, Germany 2015
    • Advanced training under the international training program for ophthalmic surgeons at the Susrut clinic, Kolkata. India 2015
    • Since August 2015, a participant in the international program for phaco-surgeons “PhacoDevelopment”
    • Advanced training “Laser vision correction” on the basis of FMBA, Moscow 2017
    • Advanced training “femtosecond support in cataract surgery” Dr. Korzafon’s Clinic. Nice. France 2017
    • Advanced training “Cataract & intraocular refractive surgery” ESASO Lugano, Switzerland 2017.
    • Advanced training “Advanced cataract & refractive surgery” Alcon Experience Center Spain. Barcelona 2018
    • Advanced training: “Femtosecond support in cataract surgery” Israel, g. Tel Aviv .2019
    • Advanced training “Complicated cataract surgery” Alcon Experience Center Spain. Barcelona 2019 March
    • Further training with obtaining the status of “Teacher” of the international program for phaco-surgeons “PhacoDevelopment” Alcon Experience Center Spain. Barcelona 2019 November

    • Participant of international conferences ASCRS .ESCRS .AOS (Russia, USA, UK, France, Morocco, Israel, Austria, Germany)

    I have personal experience of more than 4000 operations

    _ Ultrasound and laser phacoemulsification of cataracts and other technologies of seamless cataract microsurgery
    _ All types of laser vision correction and alternative types of vision correction, excimer laser refractive surgery (femtoLASIK, PRK, superLASIK), _Phakic IOL implantation, Glaucoma surgery (penetrating and non-penetrating type, laser)
    _ Laser treatment of peripheral retinal detachment and degeneration, retinal tears
    _ Laser treatment of secondary cataracts
    _ Intravitrial injections
    _ All types of outpatient surgery – removal of chalazions, barley, pterygium, papillomas.
    flushing of the lacrimal canal, implantation of obturators
    _ Removal of blepharochalasis and hernia of the eyelids with plastic