FSBI Federal Clinical Research Centre

FSBI Federal Clinical Research Centre for specialized types of medical care and medical technologies of the FMBA of Russia (FSCC of the FMBA of Russia) is one of the largest multi — specialty medical institutions in Russia for providing specialized medical care, combining a consulting and diagnostic center and more than 40 departments. FRCC FMBA of Russia, formerly clinical hospital No. 83 FMBA of Russia, received its first patient on August 23, 1985.

The 83rd clinical hospital was established as the main medical facility for employees of the nuclear industry. The hospital was built due to the direct participation of the entire nuclear industry: dozens of enterprises participated in the financing of this project. Since 2010, the FMBA has been providing medical assistance to athletes from the Russian national teams and the Olympic reserve. Russian cosmonauts are also observed in the clinic.

The Federal medical center of FMBA of Russia is equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment that allows performing a wide range of surgical interventions. The clinic is focused on performing high-tech operations using modern anesthesiological, surgical, and rehabilitation equipment. The clinic also has all the necessary equipment to provide emergency assistance in any critical situations.

Branch of the Federal research and clinical centre of FMBA:

• Department of cardiac surgery
• Department of gynecology
• Department of urology
* Department of traumatology and orthopedics
• Department of oncology
• Department of ophthalmology
* Department of vascular surgery
* Department of endocrine surgery, mammology and plastic surgery
* Department of thoracic surgery
* Department of neurosurgery, etc.

Top Doctors

Chief Medical Officer Robert Habazov
Head of the Cardiology Center, Cardiologist David Dundua
Head of the Surgical Department, Oncosurgeon Yuriy Ivanov
Head of the Department of Cardiac surgery, Cardiovascular surgeon Alexander Zotov
Head of the Oncology Department Anna Kedrova
Plastic Surgeon Valentin Sharobaro

Inpatient stay

Shared room
Shared room
Private room
Private room (LUX)

All wards of the clinic are equipped with comfortable living and medical conditions. In the Federal medical center of the Russian Federation, patients are provided with comfortable wards, with the possibility of 1, 2 and 4-bed accommodation, as well as rooms of the “Lux” and “Junior Suite” categories.

Amenities: TV, fridge, WI-FI

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