Sechenov Moscow State Clinic

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University) is the top medical university in Russia. Its history begins in 1758 as the medical faculty at Imperial Moscow University.

For over two centuries Sechenov University has been a pioneer in the Russian healthcare system. A lot of outstanding physicians and scientists, who contributed significantly to the progress in medicine, worked at the University. In 2018, Sechenov University celebrates its 260th Anniversary.

By the 260th Anniversary, the University has grown into academic, research and resource Center of Excellence in the Russian healthcare system. Sechenov University develops Medicine of the Future based on strong academic foundation in clinical medicine, expanding frontiers in advanced multidisciplinary research together with the world leaders in Engineering, Technology and Natural Sciences.

Clinical campus of Sechenov University was established in 1897. It was considered as one of the best and largest teaching hospitals in Europe.
Today, the modern fully renovated University Hospitals have:
– ~ 4 000 staff members;
– > 3,000 hospital beds;
– 20 research & teaching buildings;
– 25 university clinics at University hospital;
– 25 University clinics at municipal hospitals;
– >30% high-tech surgeries (Da Vinci robotic surgeries)
In-patient departments of University Hospital provide multi-specialty high-tech healthcare services. In 2018, Comprehensive Cancer Center was established at Sechenov University. It provides cancer patients with full range of medical services.

Top Doctors

Chief Medical Officer Vasiliy Mikhailov
Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Anataliy Ischenko
Director of the clinic of traumatology, orthopedics and joint pathology, traumatologist-orthopedist Alexey Lychagin
Director of the Urology Department Leonid Rapoport
Oncology, reconstructive plastic surgery Igor Reshetov
Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department Roman Komarov

Inpatient stay

Private room
Shared room
Private room
Shared room


The Clinical center pays special attention to patient service. Patients are offered comfortable and well-appointed “Lux”, 1 – and 2-bed wards with a bathroom with shower and toilet. The wards are equipped with a telephone, radio and TV. Wi-Fi Internet access is available.


We offer three meals a day in accordance with the appointment of a dietitian.

Amenities: WI-FI ТV Phone Radio

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