Yusupovskaya Hospital

Yusupovskaya hospital is a continuity of traditions in the treatment of patients in combination with the latest achievements of modern scientific and evidence-based medicine and advanced expert experience. The Yusupov hospital carries out scientific activities — on the basis of the clinic there are scientific and practical centers aimed at solving patients’ problems in a comprehensive manner.

Leading specialists in the field of medicine work here. The professional staff consists of doctors and candidates of medical Sciences, doctors of the highest category.

The goal of the hospital is to provide patients with effective care aimed at full recovery, restoration of lost functions, as well as to achieve tangible positive changes in patients. It is based on the latest advances in treatment, as well as modern ideas about the high level of service in medicine.

The structure of the hospital includes a polyclinic Department, a comfortable hospital, an intensive care unit, a diagnostic center, and six clinics

• clinic of surgery
• clinic of Oncology
* therapy clinic
• clinic of neurology
* rehabilitation clinic
* addiction treatment clinic

Top Doctors

Deputy General Director, Oncologist-surgeon Ravil Nagaev
Endovascular surgeon Boris Bobrov
Oncologist-mammologist Sergey Portnoy
Urologist Leonid Spivak
Endovascular surgeon Sergey Kapranov

Inpatient stay

Shared room
Private room
Private room


Patients of Yusupovskaya hospital live in comfortable one-, two-, three -, four-bed wards, VIP wards. Each ward is equipped with a separate bathroom with toilet and shower. The standard room is furnished with an automatically adjustable bed, bedside table, wardrobe, table and chairs for receiving visitors, telephone, radio and TV. It is also possible to connect to a wireless Internet network.


Cooking is carried out by our own catering service, which employs professional chefs with many years of experience in European cuisine restaurants. The menu is selected by a dietitian, taking into account the recommendations of the attending doctor. Meals are provided on a 3-time basis (Breakfast, lunch, dinner), second Breakfast and afternoon tea are served at the request of the patient.

Amenities: Wi-Fi, TV, Radio

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