What are the advantages of medical treatment in Russia? Medical treatment in Russia is 5-10 times cheaper than in Europe, with a comparable quality of treatment with similar European clinics (in the leading clinics in Russia, it is even higher). All medical procedures are performed in accordance with international protocols, according to the International classification of diseases (ICD-10).
Are the clinics well technologically equipped? Over the past decade, Russia has been implementing a program for providing high-tech medical care (HMP), under which leading medical centers have been reconstructed and equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies of world-famous manufacturing companies. For example, only a few clinics in Europe are equipped with expensive robotic operating rooms, which are owned by leading clinics in Russia – partners of Doctor Proff.
What are the qualifications of doctors? The treatment is performed by professors, doctors who have scientific degrees of candidates and doctors of medical Sciences, many of whom are themselves the authors of unique treatment methods adopted and widely used by the international medical community.
How comfortable is accommodation in Russian clinics? The popular idea of the ”Soviet level" of providing medical services in leading clinics in Russia is a myth, including the idea of the lack of comfortable accommodation. In reality, patients are offered accommodation in modern, comfortable, fully equipped wards. Some clinics offer Junior suites and suites that meet the standards of five-star hotels, including their own living room, kitchen, or accompanying room, upon request. And all this at prices that are several times lower than in Europe.
Why choose help of Doctor Proff in organizing my treatment? Doctor Proff is a team of professionals specializing in the organization of high – quality medical services, so Doctor Proff will do this work for You faster and better-provide you with a variety of pre-selected options for your treatment. All this Doctor Proff does completely free of charge for You, as it is a partner of leading clinics in Russia. You receive treatment under a contract with the clinic, according to the price list of the clinic, without any extra charges. At the same time, we provide timely information, assistance in organizing arrival and accommodation, support of the treatment process, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional services that no clinic will do for You.

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