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Structural changes in the heart that are not typical for a healthy organ usually indicate its defect. Changes may occur both during embryonic (congenital malformations) and postembryonic human development, the so-called acquired. They can touch the great vessels, the heart itself, or occur simultaneously in different places.

C impulses

Valvular heart disease manifests itself in patients with the following symptoms

– fatigue;

– shortness of breath during physical activity;

– tera of the lower extremities;

– dizziness;

– fainting;

– painful sensations in the region of the heart (angina pectoris).


– Electrocardiogram (ECG)

– Loading samples

– Cardiac ultrasound (EchoCG)

– Coronary angiography

– Chest X-ray


For traditional open-heart surgery of surgery, you’ll be given medicine to help you fall asleep. A doctor will check your heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and breathing during the surgery.

A breathing tube will be placed in your lungs through your throat. The tube will connect to a ventilator (a machine that supports breathing).

Your surgeon will make a 6- to 8-inch incision (cut) down the center of your chest wall. Then, he or she will cut your breastbone and open your rib cage to reach your heart.

During the surgery, you’ll receive medicine to thin your blood and keep it from clotting. A heart-lung bypass machine will be connected to your heart. The machine will take over your heart’s pumping action and move blood away from your heart.

A specialist will oversee the heart-lung bypass machine. The machine will allow the surgeon to operate on a heart that isn’t beating and that doesn’t have blood flowing through it.

Off-pump heart surgery is like traditional open-heart surgery because the chest bone is opened to access the heart. However, the heart isn’t stopped, and a heart-lung bypass machine isn’t used.

Instead, your surgeon will steady your heart with a mechanical device so he or she can work on it. Your heart will continue to pump blood to your body.


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