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Breast cancer is considered the most common oncopathalogy among women, accounting for almost 15% of all cancers among women. Statistics shows that in developed countries about one in 10 women encounters breast cancer.


Malignant breast tumors are one of the few oncological diseases where self-diagnostics are extremely effective. This means that a woman can often detect a tumor herself while examining her mammary glands. You need to know only a set of symptoms that accompany this disease. Indeed, about 70% of breast tumours, suspicious formations were initially detected by the patients themselves, rather than detected by a medical examination.
During the examination, priority should be given to the following parameters:

– symmetry of breasts,

– their size,

– skin color,

– skin condition.

If a suspicious symptom or formation of an incomprehensible nature is found, do not hesitate to consult a mammologist. Doctor will perform a manual breast examination and may prescribe additional procedures, such as ultrasound, mammography (radiography of the breast area), ductography (mammography with contrast agent). If suspicions of malignancy of the formation still remain, then a biopsy and blood tests for oncomarkers are carried out with subsequent examination of the cellular material.


The strategy for treating breast cancer is selected individually for each patient, taking into account factors such as tumor type, stage of breast cancer, general condition of the patient.

Sectorial breast resection is a surgical intervention that involves removing part (sector) of the gland with pathological formation. This surgery practically does not change the shape of the breast and has a good cosmetic effect.

Radical breast resection ( mastectomy ) is the removal of all breast tissue.

Lymph node metastases cause radical breast resection with regional lymphadenectomy.

Breast cancer operations can be performed with one-stage reconstruction – plastic using its own tissue and installation of an expander.

There are also delayed breast reconstruction operations with your own tissues and implant installation. For this type of reconstruction, a short-term tissue expander is placed during the mastectomy to help prepare for reconstructive surgery later. The expander is a balloon-like sac that starts off flat and is slowly expanded to the desired size to allow the skin to stretch. Once the skin over the breast area has stretched enough, a second surgery is done to remove the expander and put in the permanent implant.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also be used as independent treatments for breast cancer if surgery is not possible for some reason.


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