Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA)

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Optic atrophy is an eye disease characterized by visual impairment due to the development of pathological processes affecting the nervous part of the eye. In other words, with atrophy, optic nerve fibers gradually die off, information is supplied to the brain from the retina of the eye in a distorted form. This pathology can occur for many reasons, most of them are associated with the presence of ophthalmic diseases.


There are major symptoms indicating optic nerve atrophy:

– dark spots in front of the eyes;

– central vision is significantly reduced;

– you may notice a narrowing of the field of vision;

– difficulty to distinguish colors.


In order to make a diagnosis, the following procedures are carried out:

– angiography of brain vessels

– rentgenography of the skull


– ophthalmic examination

– automated static perimetry


The following treatments are used:

Magnetic stimulation. The person skilled in the art acts on the organ with a variable magnetic field. This significantly improves blood supply, activates various metabolic processes in tissues. The healing process is accelerated, this method helps with treatment in the early stages. 10-15 sessions are enough to fully restore vision.

Electrostimulation . With the help of a special needle, an electrode is inserted into the eyeball, which creates electrical pulses. The second electrode is fixed on skin. The procedure is carried out for 2 weeks, after which a break is taken. It helps restore vision gradually, every 3 months you need to repeat the process. Technology allows you to introduce a miniature electric stimulator into the eyeball, which has been operating for several years. This is a great way to get rid of atrophy.

Traditional therapy . It includes blood transfusion, the use of vasodilating drugs, the use of vitamin B. If optic atrophy caused a bacterial disease, the doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics and the use of antiviral drugs.

Physical therapy . It helps to improve health in general and complements the main complex. Electrophoresis, oxygen therapy, ultrasound and other methods of affecting the body are used to restore the optic nerve.

Surgery . Performed if necessary to establish the supply of useful trace elements to the damaged eye area. Also, the process of injecting an electrical stimulator requires the intervention of a surgeon.


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