Mammoplasty (breast surgery)

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Attractive beautifully shaped breast is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular attributes of femininity, provoking delight from the opposite sex.

At “Doctor Proff” we use any type of implant of different manufacturers, all types of access (under the gland, through the areola or axillary region), all types of implant placement, and video endoscopic techniques.

Breast lift (mastopexy) is a plastic surgery that helps to restore / improve the shape of the breast, make it aesthetically attractive. After surgery, a woman will be able to breastfeed the baby.

Reduction mammoplasty is a procedure in which a volumetric reduction of the breast is done and the shape of the breast is also improved.


Before the breast augmentation surgery, you will visit the consultation of our leading plastic surgeon, who will analyze the state of the mammary glands, carefully listen your wishes for correction and together with you will choose the most optimal and suitable mammaplasty option. The method of setting and implantation of the implant is chosen by the surgeon, taking into account the patient’s individual characteristics. There are three options for surgical access for implant setting:

Submammary access – under the mammary gland.

If you have a well-developed submammary fold (natural fold under the breast), then it’s best to make an incision along it. Postoperative suture will be almost invisible.

Breast lift
Periareolar mastopexy is a breast lift around the areola. This method is indicated for patients with small breast size, with moderate breast ptosis.
Vertical mastopexy – when there is greater degree of ptosis, the lifting around the areola is combined of a vertical access in order to eliminate excess skin and to form a young elastic breast.
Breast lift with T-shape suture. It’s performed with a significant breast lowering, in the presence of a substantial amount of excess skin.
Lifting and single-step breast augmentation. It’s performed in case of breast ptosis and with an insufficient volume of own mammary gland, when the patient, in addition to a breast lift, also wants to give it additional volume.

Breast reduction
Technic types:

Downsize with vertical stitch
Vertical access in case of breast reduction with an additional incision around the areola is less traumatic. It allows to perform breast reduction and breast lift of almost any breast size.

Anchor incision
For women with a very large breast and severe forms of tissue omission.

Trough breast liposuction up to 40% of breast reduction can be achieved without any changes in its natural shape. The advantages of liposuction are: reduction of the complications risk; no visible scars; the effect of the “tightened” breast and skin remains.


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