Tooth Restoration with All-Ceramic Crowns

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All-Ceramic crowns are used to restore function and esthetics of the teeth. All-ceramic crowns are made from different types of ceramics, depending on the indications.Only All-Ceramic crowns looks like a real tooth and are color-matched to the surrounding teeth.


All-ceramic crown is an ideal choice for every patient who wishes to restore the loss of individual teeth, or who wishes to change the current aesthetically inadequate teeth and make them perfect. This kind of teeth restoration is possible given that the position of teeth in the jaw has no drastic anomalies. These dental crowns can be done in both frontal and lateral region of the jaws. They do not tolerate excessive distances between the carriers, so it is very important, prior to the setting of the therapy, to accurately measure the patient’s wishes and his actual condition in the mouth, when potential dental bridge carriers are in question.

These all ceramic crowns can also be done on implants, but this requires special ceramic suprastructures (abutments) so that the aesthetic result can be fully accomplished. Indicatins for all-ceramic-crown :

-the destruction of the tooth is more than 50%;

-the tooth has become brittle as a result of nerve removal;

-increased risks of injuries and chipping due to repeated filling and thinning of the walls;

-it is necessary to increase the strength and durability of the restoration in a certain state of the oral cavity;

-you need to install a bridge that covers the recovery area.

Modern ceramic crowns are made in the same way as inlays on a 3D printer using CAD/CAM technology with preliminary impression taking and computer data analysis.


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